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Being Woke

If you are woke, you understand what is going on and why it is going on. You may be woke related to your social or work environment, or the communities, groups, and organizations your are engaged with. You may be woke related to a societal sections, issue, development. Whatever it is, being woke makes you an important member of the community this relates to. Being woke is a necessity in today's diverse, fast-changing, and polarized society facing threats from any corners and requiring many challenging decisions that determine the future of your community and all of us.

Getting Woke

Getting woke is a process that requires a dialog with members of your community and beyond. Individiual intelligence is not sufficient to overcome your cognitive biases that determine the lense trough which you perceive the world. Only by tapping into community intelligence — and by helping to enrich this intelligence — can we real get woke.

Staying Woke

Being woke is not the end. It's the beginning of a continuous process that helps us to stay woke, to be upfront with the developments in your community and the environment this community is embedded in.

Woke is Mainstream

As Gaby Hinsliff points out in her article in The Guardian, “‘Woke’ isn’t dead – it’s entered the mainstream.” She says that this is why the Right (which I call the Wrong) is furious. Making sure people are woke is the best thing all education can aim for.

Anti-Woke is Dumb

There are many who get triggered by the idea and concept of being woke. But there is no acceptable reasoning for that. Only people who are not woke, don't want to accept the way the world is, want to control what others do and how they live, have issues with others being woke.

Collective Community Intelligence

The GetWoke-StayWoke Platform aims to engage individuals in novel ways in the development of collective knowledge by utilizing collective intelligence. It is based on research on how people and computers can work collectively to enhance collective intelligence. See e.g. the research conducted by the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. Woke communities understand the purpose of collective intelligence.